Saint Laurent Rive Droite Releases “The Heat” Collection for Summer

Saint Laurent Collaborates With Emaux de Longwy For Its Summer Rive Droite Collection

Creative director of Saint Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello has conceived a slew of new products for Summer called “The Heat”. Most notable in the collection is a collaboration with Emaux de Longwy.

Emaux de Longwy is a 200+-year-old French brand, known for their objects of desire that can retail for thousands of dollars. The Saint Laurent collaboration includes ceramics like vases and plates echoing the nomadic Berber life, and a panther ball that retails for $13,000.

Among the other quirky items in the collection, buyers will find jewelry, baseball caps, visors, bikinis, surfboards, palm tree floats, and cup holders, to name a few. And lastly, iterations of the raffia bag will round out your list of Summer essentials.

Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite retail space is ever-evolving, showcasing a wide range of new products and collaborations, including limited-edition books, photography, music, and now sports equipment. Known for its unique pieces, the retail space came to life when it took over the space formerly occupied by iconic concept store Colette, on the Left Bank in Paris. 

Saint Laurent lifestyle products are available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles and on