Santoni & Kate Young Unveil ThePluto with a Glamorous Launch Celebration
Frida Aasen, Cindy Mello, Giuseppe Santoni, Pritika Swarup, Martha Hunt

Santoni & Kate Young Unveil ThePluto with a Glamorous Launch Celebration

To launch ThePluto Collection in New York City and unveil the new Aqua colorway, Mr. Giuseppe Santoni hosted an intimate cocktail and dinner at the Santoni Boutique and Arva at Aman, joined by tastemakers, friends of the brand and members of the media.

The House of Santoni expands its women’s leather goods collection with ThePluto, the pinnacle of discreet luxury. Each bag is molded entirely by hand over a wood frame with hand pick-stitching and hand-painted borders, designed with a unique flap that recalls Santoni’s signature double buckle iconography.

To celebrate the launch, Mr. Giuseppe Santoni welcomed guests to the Santoni Boutique on 625 Madison Avenue for a cocktail party with music by DJ Pamela Tick followed by an intimate dinner co-hosted by stylist Kate Young at Arva at Aman.

Guests included Giuseppe Santoni, Kate Young, Martha Hunt, Cindy Mello, Pritika Swarup, Leigh Lezark, Frida Aasen, Jessica Wang, Mary Leest, Serena Goh, JiaJia Fei, Georgia Sumner, Sophie Sumner and Alex Assouline. Kate Young, Pritika Swarup, Mary Leest and Jessica Wang wore the High Heel Sandal, Frida Aasen and Serena Goh wore the Sibille Pumps, Martha Hunt and Cindy Mello wore the Patent High Heel Boot, all styling the new bag ThePluto.

Giuseppe Santoni