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SNS X Adidas

Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of SNS X Adidas Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Kosuke Adam with Photographer Yuji Kaneko

by Aidel Townsley

Adidas Originals continues their collaboration with SneakersNStuff by revealing their GT ‘Tokyo’ shoe, with campaign imagery featuring stylist Keisuke Baba as well as by illustrator Jun Inagawa. The shoe, the 1980’s Stockholm GT, has an updated color way that pays homage to Tokyo, in a deep Edo (or Blue-Toned) Purple. 

SNS opened their latest brick-and-motor store in Japan’s capital city, back in 2019. The brand focuses on sneakers and the culture that surrounds athletic footwear. Therefore, it is understandable why an SNS creative director, Kosuke Adame, chose to spotlight the sneaker culture in Japan by working with football fans, a strong yet sub cultural phenomena present in the city. 

Keisuke Baba can be seen surrounded by a young football fan group called “The Casuals” who, according to the stylist, “don’t show off the team they support, they don’t wear jerseys, and they wear hoods so that people don’t recognize them.” This “uniform” proves the importance of fashion to football fans which makes them a good pick for an Adidas collaboration. Adidas was a large part of football’s emerging importance for the UK, back in the 80’s and 90’s, and football is now just becoming a popular sport in Japan as well. 

Keisuke Baba, who began his career in England, is himself a fusion of Japanese and UK culture, much like the Swedish capital named shoe being updated for the Japanese capital. Illustrator Jun Inagawa, who created another mood for the campaign, blends his UK-influences with signature Manga-style art. In the bustling city there is joy and friendship to be found, as well as imagination and lonesomeness.  As The Casuals walk the streets of the downtown area in their GT Tokyos, led by their fearless mentor, Jun Inagawa is tucked away, innovating. Once brought together Tokyo, as it truly stands, can be known.

SNS & adidas
SNS & adidas
SNS & adidas

Creative Director | Kosuke Adam
Photographer | Yuji Kaneko
llustrator | Jun Inagawa
Stylist | Keisuke Baba
Videographer | Motonori Omori