Soft Volume Handbag

Spring 2023 Fashion Accessory Trend

To have and to hold. Squishy, comfortable, and just so easy, soft-volume bags are a must-have for day-to-day versatility.

Oversized and exaggerated proportionately, soft volume bags appeared in just about every collection for the S/S 23 season. From soft open weave backpacks at Bottega Veneta to soft minimalist structures in fine leather or responsibly sourced leathers, there is a style to suit everyone and every lifestyle; even the soft Boho bag receives an update with a minimalist appeal at Tods. Elsewhere, Coach reimagines the Satchel, amplifying proportions in soft, malleable Nappa leather, highlighting the importance of texture and tactility. Jil Sander sent out several pieces that conveyed a sense of comfort – the volume controlled by drawcords at the opening or invisible zippers, adding to the unobstructed, perfectly formed silhouettes. Givenchy added a similar idea, updating with double straps and outsized pocket details. The bags at Loewe, although not oversized and pliable, represented a sense of softness in form and dialogue.

Handle designs also played into the soft volume theme with sculpted handles as at Sportmax and Dries Van Noten, while the twisted and knotted straps were a perfect addition to those covetable bags at Stella McCartney. 

Jil Sander

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