SPREAD Launches Next-Gen Fashion Brand Empowering Creativity and Individuality

SPREAD is a new fashion and lifestyle brand from Berlin with global aspirations. The brand’s communication concept and launch campaign were art directed by Donald, who worked with Vitali Gelwich for the photos and videos. The launch campaign features Aron Altaras, VTSS, LSDXOXO, Dania, and Mago Dovjenko. If you’re interested in attending the SPREAD party, reach out to Donald to confirm your attendance.

SPREAD is the newest fashion and lifestyle brand that has caught the attention of Genzennials with its unique approach to fashion. The brand is made to order and offers customers a chance to customize their pieces with bold graphics, prints, embroideries, and exclusive artworks designed by collaborating artists. The brand’s first drop is a streetstyle capsule featuring original artwork by Mago Dovjenko, Vitali Gelwich, and Jeroine Rosie. The selection includes unisex, everyday essentials such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweats, shorts, and long sleeves made of 100% organic cotton and produced on demand in Portugal.

SPREAD’s Chief Product and Brand Advisor, Lothar Reiff, is a well-known fashion and lifestyle visionary who has curated a selection of iconic styles inspired by contemporary urban culture. The SPREAD online shop, spreadyourstyle.com, will exclusively offer all styles globally.

The brand’s launch event will take place during Gallery Weekend in Berlin on April 28th. Creative Director Donald Schneider has designed a community-building launch concept with a stellar campaign featuring some of Berlin’s coolest DJs, musicians, actors, and artists. The personalities have been styled by Claudia Hofmann and photographed by upcoming star photographer Vitali Gelwich, and their images will be plastered all over the city.

The exclusive launch party for 800 selected guests at a top-secret location is orchestrated by Berlin nightlife impresario Henok Tsehaye, with a cool lineup of hot music acts and DJs, including Dania, Alcatraz, Nunguja, Bill Kouligas, Josh Johnson, Anyang Anyang, Rafi Sinn, and special surprise performances.

The brand aims to empower consumers to get creative and design their own pieces using a “creative toolbox.” SPREAD’s USP allows everyone to be a creative and express their individuality, authenticity, and community. The “Berlin Squad” of creatives launching the direction of the brand are hot actors, musicians, models, DJs, and artists who are making a name for themselves and spreading the word.

In a world where personal style is an expression of identity, SPREAD’s approach to fashion is refreshing and unique. The brand’s plan is to spread globally, starting from Berlin, where the arts and fashion cross-pollinate, and personal style is an expression of identity. The launch of SPREAD marks a new era in fashion, where customers are no longer passive consumers but active creators.