Stella McCartney Launches Earth Day Capsule

The SOS Capsule Features Sustainable Materials and Aims to Support Environmental Preservation Initiatives

In honor of Earth Day 2024, Stella McCartney has launched a special SOS capsule collection featuring a curated selection of ready-to-wear apparel, vegan bags, and footwear, all crafted from “100% sustainable” materials. The collection, which includes items made from regenerative, recycled, and organic fibers, aims to emphasize the importance of environmental conservation.

Highlighted by a stylized S🌍S logo, the wardrobe pieces not only express a reverence for the planet but also serve as a rallying cry for environmental protection, urging action to Save Our Soils, Save Our Seas, Save Our Skies, and Save Our Species. A portion of the proceeds from the capsule sales will be donated to Conservation International.

The S🌍S iconography featured in the collection draws inspiration from Stella McCartney’s previous collaboration with author Jonathan Safran Foer, ‘We Are the Weather.’ One notable item is the unisex box t-shirts made from regenerative cotton sourced from SOKTAS, a Turkish farm supported by McCartney since 2019. Regenerative cotton cultivation promotes biodiversity and soil health, sequesters carbon, and benefits local communities by eschewing harmful chemicals.

Central to the collection is the S-Wave Sport trainer, constructed entirely from sustainable materials. The hemp-based upper and tongue offer a plant-based alternative that requires no aggressive pesticides, contributing to air and land purification while mitigating carbon emissions. The trainer’s lining is composed of recycled cotton, its laces and S🌍S embroidery are crafted from recycled polyester, and its sole is made from vulcanized recycled rubber.

Other key pieces include Amazon green jumpers made from ethically sourced RWS-certified wool and unisex long-sleeved Polar White jersey tops crafted from a blend of organic and recycled cotton. Accessories feature recycled trimmings and are crafted from organic cotton in a sandy beige hue, a fiber McCartney has championed in the luxury industry for its significantly reduced water usage and absence of harmful chemicals since 2008.

In addition to her fashion endeavors, Stella McCartney co-founded the S🌍S Fund, a $200 million investment fund aimed at supporting sustainable innovation. The fund backs projects such as NFW, creators of the plant-based and plastic-free leather alternative MIRUM®; Protein Evolution, developers of an enzyme process for infinitely recycling polyester; and Keel Labs, pioneers of a regenerative seaweed-based yarn with a lower environmental footprint than conventional cotton and synthetic fibers. McCartney has incorporated materials from these projects into her luxury designs, furthering her commitment to sustainability.