Sydney Sweeney’s Miu Miu Select debuts on 57th Street

Miu Miu Select by Sydney Sweeney

In celebration of her most recent partnership with the company after appearing in two consecutive campaigns, actor Sydney Sweeney hosted ‘Miu Miu Select’ at the brand’s 57th Street boutique. Guests enjoyed customized cocktails, and snacks along with a performance by DJ Odalys.

Attendees along with Sydney Sweeney included Alyssa Coscarelli, Brenn & Jules Lorenzo, Carolyn Tate Angel, Chrissy Rutherford, Claire Sulmers, Dalia Oberlander, Danielle Guizio, Dede Lovelace, Elissa Santisi, Elizabeth Kurpis, Ella Rose McFadin, Eric Rutherford, Evan Ross Katz, Fe Noel, Imani Randolph, Jenny Walton, Jessica Wang, Jovel Roystan, Maria Alia Al-Sadek, Meghan Roche, and Selah Marley.

Celebrating the strength of character and idiosyncratic sense of style Miu Miu is known for, Miu Miu Select sees the label’s friends curating a highly personalized collection – or wardrobe – of their favorite ready-to-wear, bag, shoe, jewelry and eyewear pieces from the new season.

Miu Miu Select by Sydney Sweeney

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