The Best Women’s Spring 2023 New York Fashion Show Invitations

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While physical invitations can represent a powerful first touchpoint with a fashion show’s in-person presence, digital invites – which were largely the go-to mode at New York’s Spring 2023 season this week – still offer exciting moments of connectivity and design expressions.

Considering the prevalence of digital design here though, it did feel a bit like there was some missed opportunity to go all out with graphics. With no physical limitations, digital invitations have a fun opportunity to incorporate motion, interactivity, and more.

That being said, there were still some examples of strong graphic design and creative approaches to the format: Tom Ford’s elegant and bold minimalism, Private Policy with its ongoing newspaper motif, Collina Strada’s playful fruit collage.

Here is a look at The Impression’s best Spring 2023 Women’s fashion show invitations from New York.