The Garden of Gucci | 2016 Gift Campaign

Gucci Features Cruise 2017 Collection in Mythical Paradise Film


Gucci tempts us with its new Gucci Gift campaign film, featuring the romantic Gucci Cruise 2017 collection. The enchanting film takes place in the Gucci Garden, otherwise known as The Garden of Ninfa, located in Cisterna di Latina, near Rome.

The Gucci Garden acts as a botanical paradise for both the female and male models to dream and play. The camera techniques used, capture natural light and movement in a way that creates a whimsical, romantic sensation. We move with the camera as it explores the extraordinary scenery as well as the creatures who inhabit it.

The short film has a clear Biblical inspiration, using elements that draw straight lines to the story of the Garden of Eden. The exotically flourished land, with luxuriant plants and beautiful animals, including a unicorn, tigers, zebras, birds, bees, and bunnies are all pokes at the biblical story. Perhaps the most obvious reference to the Garden of Eden is when we see an apple, being taken from one of the trees and bitten into, as a serpent slithers nearby.

This mythical, fantasy doesn’t end there, Gucci brings the tale of Adam and Eve to life with its cruise collection, featuring the iconic GG pattern handbag embroidered with snakes and hearts, tiger embellished sneakers, Princetown fur slippers and golden bee accessories, all animals that have been used as motifs for the fashion house over the years.

Gucci puts fantasy back into fashion with this campaign video, with a collection so stunning it feels like it should be as forbidden as the fruit on the tree, but we aren’t afraid to bite into these tempting styles.

Agency | Simmonds Ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Director | Floria Sigismondiare

Models | Polina Oganicheva, Maryna Polkanova, Nika Cole, Matt Doran, Domink Hahn, & Dwight Hoogenduk
Stylist | Jonathan Kaye
Music | ‘Il Dolce Suono’
Composer | Gaetano Donizetti
Singer | Luba Orgonasova
Location | The Garden of Ninfa, Cisterna di Latina LT, Italy

Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.