The Top 5 'Other' Designer Collections of New York Spring 2018

The Top 5 ‘Other’ Designer Collections | New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

The ‘Other’ Best Women’s Designer Collections of New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 As Picked by Kenneth Richard

Our Editor-in-Chief, Kenneth Richard, scores every show from 1-10 based on integrity of design, stage in lifecycle, craftsmanship, quality of presentation, and innovation. As we all love a break star and a little bit of newness, we asked him for the 5 top ‘other’ collections that stood out this season.[hr align=”center” weight=”thick” style=”line”]


Designer | Chris Leba

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Zadig & Voltaire 

Designer | Cecilia Bönström

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Designers | Nicole and Michael Colovos

[hr align=”center” style=”line”]

Matthew Adams Dolan 

Designer | Matthew Adams Dolan


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Fenty Puma by Rihanna

Designer | Rihanna

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