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Unveiling the Era of Social Media Mastery with Thomas Silve of CTZAR

The Impression Makers | Episode 2

Unveiling the Era of Social Media Mastery with Thomas Silve of CTZAR


Thomas Silve, the entrepreneurial visionary behind CTZAR, sits with Kenneth Richard to chat about adapting brands to rapidly changing social media trends.

Thomas has been a forerunner in the realms of social media, influencer marketing, and social content creation since 2008. Under his leadership, CTZAR has evolved from a private network of trendsetters to a premier agency that shapes international campaigns for renowned fashion houses like Dior and Loewe. His foresight in the digital age has positioned CTZAR as a beacon in the industry, adeptly navigating the complexities of modern social trends and brand strategies across various sectors including fashion, beauty, and technology.


Social Media Evolution: Thomas discusses CTZAR’s role in adapting brands to rapidly changing social media trends, ensuring they remain relevant and engaging.

Three-Pronged Approach: Explains CTZAR’s strategy, focusing on social media strategy, content creation aligned with social trends, and influencer marketing rooted in authenticity.

Understanding Trends: Emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of social media trends and algorithms to create content that resonates with audiences.

Brand Equity Challenge: Discusses the new dynamics of building brand equity with younger audiences, highlighting the need for brands to actively participate in social conversations.

Creative Influence: Shares excitement about the return to genuine, impactful influencers, moving away from traditional influencer marketing.

Sustainable Fashion: Expresses enthusiasm for the growing second-hand fashion market and its role in promoting sustainability in the industry.

Future Optimism: Reflects on CTZAR’s future following its acquisition by The Independents, focusing on harnessing young talent and innovative approaches in social media.