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Tokyo Street Style Handbag Trends

It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that Tokyo Fashion Week has some of the best (and depending on whom you ask, the best) street style action in the game. Of course, no look is complete without a bag, and the city’s reputation for eclectic style that blends an eye for silhouette, national and global influences, and avant-gard playfulness fully extends across accessories.

Throughout it all, five leading trends emerge: over-the-shoulder styles, men’s bags, big texture, classic appeal, and whimsicality.

Over The Shoulder Bag

Both practical and stylish, Tokyo’s style leaders made the over-the-shoulder bag a go-to staple, keeping both hands free for whatever may come their way.


While men’s bags may still be taking a while to catch on in Europe, the fellas in Japan’s fashion capital don’t shy away from increased storage space and style statements. Still, many men’s looks leaned towards bag styles that could be called typically masculine, offering intriguing new takes on the evolving status of menswear.


Hyper-texture was a trend that emerged on the European runways of Fall 2024, and it reared its voluminous head across Tokyo street style as well – from ruffles, fringe, and funky knits to even less familiar amalgamations of form.


One of the exciting things about Tokyo fashion week is seeing how the city’s reputation for the avant-garde enters into conversation with the more chic and conservative mindset of its European counterparts, and one way this conversation manifested was how young creatives put their own spin on classic styles from handbag titans like Gucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta, and more. Often the most classically-minded street stylers had the most classic handbags, but other instances saw some daring experimentalists anchor a bold look with a more subdued and timeless handbag.


The pendulum swings in both directions at once in Tokyo, and the vivacious, playful pop styles associated with the city’s Harajuku district spilled out across the city during fashion week. Unexpected construction and bright details characterize this trend, underscoring that when it comes to street style, you’re only as old as your bag feels.