Tom Ford Spring 2024 ad campaign

Tom Ford

Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Tom Ford Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Peter Hawkings with Photographer Robin Galiegue with models Angelina Kendall, Ahmed Richards, Ilias Loopmans, Agel Akol, Hejia Li, Ida Heiner, and Eva Komuves

Peter Hawkings takes the helm as Creative Director for the Tom Ford Spring 2024 campaign, delivering a visual feast that stands out for its stark monochromatic palette and a pronounced focus on architectural elements. This campaign elevates the art of viewing through a lens of varied perspectives, where the cold, austere backdrops contrast with the luxurious detailing of Ford’s latest.

The campaign’s essence is not bound by narrative but tied together through a cohesive aesthetic. Each photograph meticulously frames the collection, allowing the structural beauty of the surroundings to complement the collection, crafting a dialogue between form and fashion that’s both sophisticated and stark.

However, this distinct stylistic approach bears resemblance to Robin Galiegue’s contributions to Saint Laurent, challenging the campaign to carve a unique niche for Tom Ford. The need for deeper storytelling becomes apparent, suggesting that further narrative depth could enhance the brand’s distinct identity within the luxury fashion sphere.

Adding a rich layer to the campaign, a short film casts the archetype of a Bond woman into the limelight, intertwining the raw energy of club culture with the subtlety of espionage themes. This cinematic endeavor mirrors the campaign’s austere mood, yet introduces a dynamic element of intrigue and seduction. It questions whether this blend of fashion and film can generate desire for the line in a narrowing luxury market, aiming to set Tom Ford apart.

Despite these reflective comparisons, the campaign and its cinematic counterpart offer a compelling vision of Tom Ford’s commitment to elegance. They invite viewers into a world where design subtleties and visual storytelling converge, highlighting areas for narrative expansion and distinctiveness in future collections.

Tom Ford Creative Director | Peter Hawkings
Photographer/Director | Robin Galiegue
Models | Angelina Kendall, Ahmed Richards, Ilias Loopmans, Agel Akol, Hejia Li, Ida Heiner, and Eva Komuves
Stylist | Marie Chaix
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup | Dick Page
Location | Rio de Janeiro

Editorial Director | The Impression