Top 10 Fashion Films of Fall 2023

The Top 10 Fashion Films of the Fall 2023 Season

It’s hard to disagree with the critics who say that the feature film has replaced the novel as the culturally definitive narrative art form of our time – and we may be seeing something similar happen in fashion as the fashion film is usurping the dominance of photography as fashion’s most communicative medium.

The best fashion films of the season make a strong case for this disruption in the tradition of fashion communication, using the moving image to reveal the character, narrative, and detail within clothing design in a way that still photography cannot.

Coperni delivered what may be the best use of AI we’ve seen in a campaign yet, creating a polymorphic story series that regenerates itself over and over across different scenarios and imagery drawn from a preset list of variables.

Saul Nash took the dance video to stunning new heights with an epic and intimate performance set against the otherworldly landscape of Iceland. Coach also used the medium of dance to explore the battle of self-confidence versus self-doubt.

Miu Miu shared a campaign film that, captured in one take and full of intersecting characters and moving parts, felt more like an experimental theater piece that happened to be captured on video – a fitting approach for the brand’s spirit of intellectual, idiosyncratic cool.

Here are The Impression’s Top 10 Fashion Films of the Fall 2023 season as selected by
Cheif Impressionist Kenneth Richard.

Bottega Veneta

Winter 2023

Bottega Veneta Creative Director | Matthieu Blazy
Photographer | Malick Bodian, Louise and Maria Thornfeldt, & Sander Muylaert
Videographer | Massimiliano Bomba
Models | Badhiel Lony, Chu Wong, Dara Gueye, Emma Balfour, Flavie Sammartano, Heather Diamond Strongarm, Lara Menzes, Liu Wen, Paola Manes, Silas De Maat, Tim Piglowski, Tommaso Zana, Walid Fiher, Alejandro Albaladejo, Diaz Awar Odhiang, Badhiel Lony, Cecilia Wu, Dara Gueye, Diane Chiu, Emma Balfour, Haroon Sherzad, Heather Diamond Strongarm, Lara Menezes, Mariacarla Boscono, Mary Ukech, Renny Alade, Sanggun Lee, Tessa Bruinsma, Tess Breeden, Tommaso Zana, And Walid Fiher
Hair | Duffy
Makeup | Hiromi Ueda
Casting Directors | Anita Bitton and Finlay Macaulay

Coach ‘Wear Your Shine’

Fall 2023

Coach Creative Director | Stuart Vevers
Agency | APE_CC
Director | Lope Serrano
Photographer | Joshua Woods
Models | Dove Cameron, Lil Buck, Youngji Lee, and Yanfei Song
Stylist | Gabriella Karefa-Johnson
Hair | Jacob Rozenburg, Owen Gould, Taurus Jerome, and April Schuller
Makeup | Kale Teter, Holly Silius, and Maha Mimo
Manicurist | Mel Lolli and Ronna Jones
Choreographer | Emma Portner
Set Designer | Christian Stone
Music | “Kill Dem” by Jamie xx


Fall 2023

Campaign Credits
Coperni Creative Director and Co-Founder | Sébastien Meyer
Coperni CEO and Co-Founder | Arnaud Vaillant 
Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd
Creative Consultants | Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai 
Film Directors | Florent Canale and Alexandre Silberstein
Model | Lila Grace Moss
Stylist | Helena Tejedor
Production | 8849 (Everest Lab)
Music | Anomaly Spectre

Video Credits
Directors | Florent Canale and Alexandre Silberstein
inspired by Coperni’s Fall-Winter 2023 show
based on Jean de La Fontaine “Le Loup et l’Agneau”
Production | 8849 (Everest Lab)
Co-production | Alexandre Silberstein and Coperni
Model | Lila Grace Moss

Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd 
3D scan | FBFX (London)

Producers | Sylvain Obriot & Thomas Espinosa 
Production Coordinator | Sonlan Tran

3D Artists
Lead Unreal Artist | Vincent Legrand
UE Environment Artist | Somphout Chanhtaboutdy 
Clothing, Accessories & Props Modeling Artist | Nolan Hortolan
Robot Modeling Artist | Arthur Palluy
Coding & AI | Louis Jeckel
Motion Capture Model | Marine Lemonnier – Folkr studio
Color Grading | Baptiste Vieillard

Coperni Co-founders | Sebastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant
Creative consultants for Coperni | Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai 
Styling | Helena Tejedor

Head of design | Charlotte Raymond
Image and communication manager | Mathilde Matteucci 
And all the Coperni team

Music | Anomaly Spectre Musical 
Music Advisor | Marco Novoa
Mastering | Jeremy Obriot

Additional Software
Clothing | Marvelous designer 
Modeling | Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Blender 
Ai source scripts generation | ChatGPT 
Ai voice generation | Play.HT 
Streaming service | Cloudflare
Motion Capture | Rokoko smartsuit pro II Actorcore

Made with Epic game’s Unreal Engine 5.2
Lila Moss Avatar © Lila Grace Moss
Looks from FW 23 © Coperni
© 2023, 8849 x Coperni x Alexandre Silberstein

Ferragamo ‘New Renaissance’

Fall 2023

Ferragamo Creative Director | Maximilian Davis
Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell 
Video Director | Tyler Mitchell
Talent | Vittoria Ceretti, Anok Yai, Lina Zhang, Jessica Stam, Mona Tougaard, Paul Hameline, Iván de Pineda, Malick Bodian, Taemin Park, Zainab Jama, Kelela, Yasmina Dexter, and Tyler Mitchell 
Artworks featured in collaboration with Florence’s Uffizi Gallery | Alesso Baldovinetti, Annunciation (1457), Giovanni Bellini, Holy Allegory (1490-1500), Paolo Veronese, Annunciation (1570-75), Francesco Granacci, Joseph Going to Prison (1515), Giorgio Vasari, Portrait of Alessandro de Medici (1534), Botticelli, Portrait of a Man with a Medal of Cosimo the Elder (1475), Botticelli, The Annunciation of San Martino alla Scala (1481), Piero della Francesca, Diptych of Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza (1467-1472)

Prada Linea Rossa

Winter 2023

Director & Photographer | Kris Lüd


Fall 2023

Kenzo Creative Director | Nigo
Photographer | Keizo Kitajima
Videographer | Frank Lebon
Models | Vernon, Abas Abdirazaq, Kiki Willems, Assa Baradji, Sen Ping, Fumiya, Hayato Oohashi, Jake Morton, Kayu, Kou U, Masato Oie, Mikiya Nakano, Nina Utashiro, Raiki Yamamoto, Ringo Mikata, Shunsuke Kawamoto, Taito, Hara Yoshihide, Hiroki Shirota, Erika Abe
Stylist | Marq Rise
Hair | Kiyoko Odo
Makeup | Nami Yoshida
Casting Director | Samuel Ellis Scheinman
Music | “Dreamer” by Urban Dance
Location | Kyoto and Osaka, Japan

Miu Miu

Fall 2023

Miu Miu Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Creative Director | Edward Quarmby
Photographer | Zoë Ghertner
Models | Ethel Cain, Emma Corrin, Mia Goth, Amelia Gray Hamlin, Zhao Jinmai, Zaya Wade and Annabelle Weatherly
Stylist | Lotta Volkova

Polo Ralph Lauren

Fall 2023

Polo Ralph Lauren Creative Director | Ralph Lauren
Photographer | Richard Phibbs
Models | Jacob Rott, Rudy Verwey, Rishi Robin, Juhyung Kang, Tristan Paine, Niyo Malik

Saul Nash ‘Juxtaposition’

Fall 2023

Director | Fx Goby
Stylist | Elgar Johnson
Location | Katla in Iceland
Producer | Darren Sinnott
Dancer| Seirian Griffiths
Cast | Moses Alexander, Jaydn Briggs, Jude CarMichael, Warren Mendy, Ming Tang
Hair | Nat Bury
Make up | Abigail Alexander


Fall 2023

Zara Studio Creative Director | Karl Templer
Video & Photographer | Fabien Baron
Models | Mamuor Majeng
Stylist | Karl Templer