Best Lingerie ads of 2022

Top 10 Intimates Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2022

The Best Intimates Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2022 as chosen by Kenneth Richard

Unfettered sexuality was back on the runway this year, and the trend fittingly extended across the intimates ad campaigns we saw this season as well. While recent marketing trends have seen a shift away from more blatant, skin-baring imagery that can be seen as objectifying toward a celebration of confidence and intrinsic beauty, this season saw the pendulum swing back a little bit.

Dsquared2’s beachy underwear and swim campaign served up some unabashed male objectification, a gonzo approach that hearkened back to the cheeky overtness of the brand’s early 2000s advertising approach. Meanwhile, Louis Gabriel Nouchi took things even further back with imagery that reworked the vintage codes of homoerotic fashion images of the 80s into a contemporary, minimal, and sensual aesthetic.

Agent Provocateur makes the list with a trio of campaigns that continued to push the brand’s ironic revisiting of throwback exploitative marketing codes to reclaim the body from the objectification of the male gaze while still celebrating the confidence-inspiring power of gonzo glamor.

Also securing multiple spots on the rundown, the unstoppable Savage X Fenty made the wise choice of casting House of the Dragon star and meme queen Olivia Cooke in a campaign that had the internet ablaze.

Here are the best Intimates Ad Campaigns 2022 season as selected by our Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard.

Agent Provocateur

Creative Director | Sarah Shotton
Photographer | Venetia Scott
Models | Alana Felisberto, Chinchin Hsu, Emma Breschi, Londone Myers, Molly Smith
Stylist | Claudia Sinclair 
Hair | Eamonn Hughes
Makeup | Janeen Witherspoon
Manicurist | Adam Slee
Casting Director | Rosie Vogel
Set Designer | Charlotte Lawton

Agent  Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Creative Director | Sarah Shotton
Photographer | Pixie Levinson
Talent | Avril Mathie, Roxy Horner, Vinetria, Ana Coto, Brooks Nader, Mae McKagan, Grace McKagan, Susan Holmes-McKagan, Julia Muniz, & Bby_cai

Agent Provocateur

Calvin Klein

Photography | Glen Luchford
Videography | Melina Matsoukas


Dsquared2 Creative Directors | Dan & Dean Caten
Photographer | Christian Oita
Models | Sergio Perdomo, Michael Yerger, Nacho Penín 

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi Creative Director | Louis Gabriel Nouchi
Photographer | Ismael Moumin
Model | Sam Morris
Hair | Pablo Kuemin
Makeup | Vanessa Bellini

Savage x Fenty

Savage X Fenty Creative Director | Rihanna
Talent | Olivia Cooke

Savage x Fenty

Savage X Fenty Creative Director | Rihanna
Photographer | Dennis Leupold
Talent | Rihanna, Ciara Consiglio, Simone Embrack, Brynne Rosetta, & Princess Gollum
Makeup | Priscilla Ono


Creative Agency | Quality Meats
Director of Production | Kacey Hart
Photo Producer | Zana Woods
Account Director | Meredith Metzl
Designer | Ruby Belnick
Director | Kitao Sakurai
VP/Executive Producer | Suzanne Hargrove
Director of Production | Tracy Hauser
Line Producer | Megan Porche
Director of photography | Galo Olivares
Production Designer | Monica Bidault
Photography | Simon Lohmeyer
Retoucher | Daniella Midenge


Skims Creative Director | Kim Kardashian & Emma Grede
Photographers | Sandy Kim & Greg Swales
Models | Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Candice Swanepoel
Hair | Sylvia Wheeler, Dimitris Giannetos, Angel, Jesus Guerrero
Makeup | Valente Frazier, Beau Nelson, Georgi Sandev, Linda Hay, and Wendi Miyake