Top 10 Most Popular Models of Fall 2019

Top 10 Models

Most Popular Models of Fall 2019

Not that life is a popularity contest, but there is something to be said for stats and a sure-thing in terms of a model who knows how to navigate the catwalk.

So who were the most popular models of fashion month and how many shows did they walk? To answer that question we went to the stats to discover that the top 10 models each covered an average of 34 shows apiece with the top 2 models each walking 38 shows. Mind you that is likely 50 go-sees of casting, at least, coupled with 38 fittings in a span of 60 days. While many a ‘young thing’ may fantasize about the glamours life of a globe-trotting model, walk a fashion month in their shoes and that fantasy fades fast as these talents work for a living.

Congratulations to all the talents making The Impression’s Most Popular Models of the Fall 2019 season. We wish you nothing but success and a week of great foot massages.

1 (tie) – Giselle Norman

38 Shows

1 (tie) – Sarah Dahl

38 Shows

3 – Cyrielle Lalande

37 Shows

4 – Hyun Ji Shin

36 Shows

5 – Yeva Podurian

35 Shows

6 (tie) – Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

34 Shows

6 (tie) – Sora Choi

34 Shows

8 – Naomi Chin Wing

33 Shows

9 (tie) – Felice Noordhoff

32 Shows

9 (tie) – Fran Summers

32 Shows