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The Impression’s Top 10 Street Style Mavens for Spring 2018 each with over 500K+ followers on Instagram

Every role in the fashion eco-system is of value and we here at The Impression recognize those off the runway, as well as on. While they may not be seasoned fashion editors or critics, these street style mavens do have reach and access to viewership all the same. They come prepared with wardrobe, make-up, photographers, and a team of artisans to help them manage their networks.

Here is our look at the players and their number of followers having the most impact on fashion’s other catwalk – the Street.

Xenia Van Der Woodsen | 943K Instagram Followers


Margaret Zhang | 898K Instagram Followers


Gala Gonzalez | 819K Instagram Followers


Eva Chen | 777K Instagram Followers


Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert | 722K Instagram Followers


Eleonora Carisi | 641K Instagram Followers


Vanessa Hong | 619K Instagram Followers


Camille Charriere | 597K Instagram Followers


Tamara Kalinic | 536K Instagram Followers


Pernille Teisbaek | 498K Instagram Followers