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Top 15 Men’s Models from Spring 2023

Most Popular Models Of Spring 2023

Not that life is a popularity contest, but there is something to be said for stats and a sure-thing in terms of a model who knows how to navigate the catwalk.

Congratulations to all the talents making The Impression’s Most Popular Models of the New York Fashion Week Spring 2023 season. We wish you nothing but success.

Mamuor Majeng

16 Shows

Ruben Bilan-Carroll

13 Shows

Ottawa Kwami

12 Shows

Yoesry Detre

11 Shows

Kit Jones

10 Shows

Braien Vaiksaar

9 Shows

Nonso David

9 Shows

Taemin Park

9 Shows

Viktor Krohm

9 Shows

Dara Gueye

8 Shows

Feranmi Ayanfe

8 Shows

Hamaamdeen Pelewura

8 Shows

Lebo Malope

8 Shows

Tengde Wang

8 Shows

Yura Nakano

8 Shows