Toteme Unveils This Year’s Holiday Season Installation

Toteme has unveiled their Holiday season installation at the Biblioteksgatan 5 flagship store in Stockholm. The annual installation is as sacred to the label as the Holiday season itself, transforming all corners of the store into a meticulously detailed festive spectacle, dreamed up and realized by Toteme. This year, the window invites passersby to experience the festive spirit in and around TOTEME’s 49 Mercer Street store in SoHo, NYC, with magical scenes of what might be going down there at this very moment. The window is modeled on the NYC flagship storefront and sees the return of TOTEME’s festive figurines shopping for gifts at the store. At first glance, they are enjoying the perfect SoHo afternoon shopping, but if you look twice, there is a rat lurking in the street well, empty pizza boxes scattered on the street, and noise coming from the traffic – everyday encounters showing the character of NYC. The display was created in collaboration with Ray Atelier and documented in an animated video.

This year, we wanted to invite passersby at our Biblioteksgatan store to experience the Holiday season spirit in NYC – a city where grit and grime is part of the experience. Part of the charm.”

– Elin Kling, Co-Founder

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