Unleashing the Extraordinary: Featuring the Empowering TTSWTRS SS23 Superheroes Collection

Ukrainian collaborative project & fashion brand TTSWTRS has always stood for empowerment and self-expression. The SUPERHEROES collection takes this ethos to new heights by encouraging individuals to embrace their inner superheroes with pride. Designed to empower wearers to tap into their true potential and harness their unique strengths, the collection inspires individuals to break free from the mundane and embrace their inner courage.

TTSWTRS believes that true heroism lies within each person, our SUPERHEROES collection aims to inspire individuals to explore the uncharted depths of their inner strength and unleash their true superhero potential. By wearing TTSWTRS, you can discover the extraordinary within yourself and showcase to the world what a true hero looks like.”

Anna Osmekhina, founder of TTSWTRS

Featuring striking graphics and bold slogans, the SUPERHEROES collection serves as a constant reminder that each and every one of us is capable of greatness. It urges us to never underestimate the power of our own abilities. With this collection, TTSWTRS invites one to wear their superhero uniform with pride, celebrating the superhero that resides within themselves.

Each hero of the TTSWTRS Universe has its own name, set of qualities, superpower and, of course, style. So, for example, the powerful and vigorous Siren — who is a birdwoman, knows how to fly and understands the language of birds. She is self-confident and wears a mini jumpsuit that does not restrict her movements or a flowing slip-dress that is asymmetrical and emphasizes the playfulness of her personality. Or Lapoo who spends his time helping penguins and trying to prevent global warming. In the collection, there’s also Tereza who represents infinite generosity towards others. Her community sees her as nurturing and warm, a bright light in a sea of darkness. Her warmth is disarming, if you look into her eyes, your anger will be replaced with appreciation, and your hate will be replaced with love. 

The entire TTSWTRS team, without any exception, worked on the Superheroes Series. The process became a kind of creative homework, in which even employees from non-creative departments took part.

The silhouettes are exactly what you would expect from a TTSWTRS collection. A portion of the designs fit like a second skin; bodysuits, bike shorts, bra tops, and catsuits. The remaining portion is oversized; t-shirts, denim shorts and jacket sets, sweaters and hoodies. Unique styles to this collection are the Siren silk dress and Sleep Wɐlker robe.

The colour range of the collection is uplifting and light; there’s mint green, baby blue and pink with a pop of tangerine orange — plenty of bright white as well. There are shades of denim in white, light blue, and faded black. 

The TTSWTRS SUPERHEROES collection is now available for purchase at stores and online.

The TTSWTRS Superheroes story has a special TTSWTRS Universe comic cover with all the heroes, created with Balázs Vernes.