Ines de Ramon Uter Spring 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Uter Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Jennifer Massaux with models Ines de Ramon, Jelani Williams and Shane Williams

Uter channels Californian decadance and celebrity romance with its new Spring 2024 campaign shot by photographer Jennifer Massaux.

The sun-soaked visual approach puts the L.A.-based brand’s offerings – anchored by twill silk sets with prints of creative director Philippe Uter’s painting – in their natural habitat at a luxurious Palm Springs resort. The protagonists lounge poolside as the desert stretches majestically before them.

Perhaps most impactful about the campaign, however, is one of its casting choices: Ines de Ramon, who is in a high-profile Hollywood relationship with Brad Pitt. The partnership is a smart move, as teaming with a source of buzzy celebrity gossip could give the brand a welcome boost in awareness as the young brand continues to grow and works to set itself apart from the many Los Angeles luxury streetwear brands out there.

Uter Creative Director | Philippe Uter
Photographer | Jennifer Massaux
Models | Ines de Ramon, Jelani Williams, and Shane Williams
Location | Palm Springs