Versace "La Vacanza" Summer 2024 Ad Campaign
Versace "La Vacanza" Summer 2024 Ad Campaign


"La Vacanza" Summer 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Versace “La Vacanza” Summer 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Jo Fetto and models Anthi Fakidari & Aivita Mūze

Versace evokes future nostalgia for a romantic Italian summer with its new La Vacanza 2024 campaign by photographer Jo Fetto.

Drawing on the sumptuous yet delicate visual language of Italian cinema, Fetto’s imagery offers a nostalgic perspective on la dolce vita. His film snapshots follow friends and couples on vacation in small moments of togetherness and discovery, embracing the spirit of how, when we look back at a vacation, it’s often the unexpected and overlooked moments that stick out as the most meaningful.

Several of the images are further illuminated with graphic text by Lorenzo Iandelli. Inked in a fast and fluid, scrawling hand, the words point to a poetic reflection on the ephemeral beauty of vacation days spent with a loved one. Meanwhile, the accompanying short films further push the cinematic aspect of the campaign. Emphasizing details and atmosphere rather than narrative, they offer brief yet evocative glimpses into a memorable summer.

It’s nice to see a softer side of Versace that keeps the glam but finds soulful new directions within it. The campaign cleverly draws together its elements of photography, film, fashion, and text, with each small perspective and moment contributing to the memory of a vacation bathed in a warm evening glow.

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Versace Creative Director | Donatella Versace
Photographer | Jo Fetto
Graphics | Lorenzo Iandelli
Models | Anthi Fakidari and Aivita Mūze