Vince Holiday 2022 ad campaign


Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Vince Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Sarah Blais with models Jeremy Young and Sara Blomqvist

Vince celebrates warmth and togetherness with a beautiful and intimate Holiday 2022 campaign by photographer Sarah Blais.

Blais constructs a recognizable, multi-stage narrative of a family holiday out of intimate and ephemeral portraits of single moments. From instances of quiet, reflective solitude to family embraces and landscape compositions, her photographs stitch together a portmanteau of time, taking on the nostalgic quality of remembered joy while exuding the immediacy of the present. All the while, her skillful (usually black-and-white) camera work draws out the texture and thoughtfulness inherent in Vince’s designs without making them overshadow the emotional impact of the images.

A brand known for its seasonless, minimal, and made-for-life luxury deserves a holiday campaign that checks all these boxes while staying true to the season’s spirit of candid togetherness and warmth – Vince and Sarah Blais more than rise to the occasion.

Photographer | Sarah Blais
Models | Jeremy Young and Sara Blomqvist
Stylist | Monika Tatalovic

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