Wildside Yohji Yamamoto & God's True Cashmere Collaboration

Wildside Yohji Yamamoto And God’s True Cashmere Partner For Exclusive Collaboration

Unique Shirts Featuring Avant-Garde Aesthetics And Meticulous Craftsmanship To Debut In Tokyo

Wildside, The Conceptual Project By Yohji Yamamoto, has joined forces with God’s True Cashmere, the luxury cashmere brand founded by Sat Hari and Brad Pit.

Sat Hari and Brad Pit | Photo Guy Aroch

The collaboration features two shirts with meticulous tailoring and unique details reflecting the avant-garde aesthetic of both brands.

Wildside, the edgy conceptual project by Yohji Yamamoto Inc., is announcing a collaboration with God’s True Cashmere, the quiet-luxury cashmere brand. This collaboration marks a union between two pillars of craftsmanship and creativity.

“I am extremely excited to have done this project with Yohji and his team and grateful to Paola Russo, Just One Eye for the vision and introductions. The collaboration challenged the traditional concept of what a God’s True Cashmere shirt can be, exploring lines and deconstruction in a way that is quintessentially Yohji Yamamoto, resulting in a unique garment which embraces our love for craftsmanship and luxury,” says Sat Hari, the co-founder of God’s True Cashmere.

From the chromatic palette and proportions of Wildside Yohji Yamamoto’s designs to the sumptuous softness of God’s True Cashmere’s fabrics, every detail has been meticulously considered to create elevated, exceptional, and contemporary shirts. The collection fully embraces the holistic ethos of God’s True Cashmere, advocating for artisanal craftsmanship through the utilization of time-honored practices such as hand weaving and stone carving. The button-front of the shirts comes complete with 11 semi-precious stone snaps—numerology’s perfect number. Seven of these snaps are thoughtfully positioned on the front to align with the wearer’s seven chakras, adding a meaningful layer to the garment.

The unisex collaboration comprises two different shirts combining meticulous tailoring and unexpected details that reflect both brands’ avant-garde ethos and aesthetic.

The first shirt embodies Wildside Yohji Yamamoto’s distinctive fit, characterized by its effortless style and edge, with a reinterpretation of God’s True Cashmere patterns. The black shirt mixed with plum tartan is embellished with rose quartz buttons and will be available in one size only.

The second shirt maintains the fit of God’s True Cashmere shirts, characterized by its unisex and classical silhouette, and incorporates Wildside Yohji Yamamoto’s visual aesthetic. This model will be available in sizes M and XL, with buttons in black sunstone on the black and burgundy shirt.

Each shirt, crafted in Italy, is produced in limited quantities ensuring the highest standards of quality, and will be priced at $2800. A second drop—equally exclusive—will be released later this year.

The first drop of the collaboration will debut on May 27 at Wildside Yohji Yamamoto Harajuku store in Laforet, Tokyo. The collection will also be available at the Wildside Yohji Yamamoto Osaka and online at Wildside Yohji Yamamoto.

Outside Japan, the limited edition shirts will be available exclusively at Just One Eye in LA, a long-term and cherished partner of both brands.

Poggy & Sat Hari

An interview with God’s True Cashmere’s founder, Sat Hari, and Poggy will be released on June 27.