Zara Atelie Ad Campaign


'Atelier' 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Zara ‘Atelier’ 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Fabien Baron and Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth with model Julia Nobis

Julia Nobis is so stylish it’s a crime. The model stars in a new campaign for Zara’s Fall 2022 Atelier collection, which features creative direction by Fabien Baron and photography by Jamie Hawkesworth.

Hawkesworth captures Nobis in elegant and simple studio portraiture under warm, almost golden light, drawing out the intricate and emotive character of the collection alongside the model’s statuesque presence.

Playfully woven among these portraits, intentionally chaotic shots of the tools and materials that went into crafting the collection take on the character of forensic crime scene photographs due to the presence of evidence identification markers. It’s a witty way to point to a fashion collection’s mysterious origins, uniting the initial stages of raw materials to the final moments of full looks through a visually connected narrative arc.

Though the campaign may attest to a crime of fashionable proportions, this Zara woman is no fashion victim, and Baron scores another win in his ongoing work with the brand.

Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Jamie Hawkesworth
Models | Julia Nobis
Stylist | Ludivine Poiblanc
Hair | Damien Boissinot
Makeup | Lucia Pica

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression