'Dreaming' Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Zara ‘Dreaming’ Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Photographer Glen Luchford with Model Rebecca Longendyke

Rebecca Longendyke is home alone for the holidays in a new photography campaign from Zara. Captured by photographer Glen Luchford, the befreckled beauty brings warmth and quiet optimism to the Holiday 2020 campaign.

Luchford captures Longendyke at a home nestled in the Hollywood hills. A background of palm trees and the Los Angeles cityscape stretches into the distance as she poses poolside. Elsewhere, interior shots make smart use of the natural light streaming in through windows to create a feeling of thoughtful repose. Stylist Jane How deepens the vibe of casual sophistication with a mix of knitwear, silk lingerie, and long dresses in warm neutral tones.

The campaign feels like a nice way to transform the strange circumstances of this holiday season, which has confronted many of us with the experience of being alone for the holidays, into something positive and hopeful. This is not the bombastically festive and joyous holiday campaign that we see from many brands, but a personal reflection on solitude and the opportunities for growth and creativity that it brings.

Photographer | Glen Luchford
Model | Rebecca Leigh Longendyke
Stylist | Jane How