Zara Spring 2024 Kid's Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Kid's Ad Campaign

Review of Zara Spring 2024 Kid’s Ad Campaign by Creative Director Christophe Derigon of Agency Baron & Baron with Photographer Josh Olins

Zara Studio celebrates playing in style with the new campaign for its Spring 2024 Kids’ collection. The campaign features creative direction from Cristophe Derigon of Baron & Baron with photography by Josh Olins.

Set in the tiled rooms and gardens of a dream vacation-worthy villa, the campaign taps into a joyful spirit of exploration, imagination, and discover. The cute knits and prints of the collection provide an uplifting palette that perfectly complements the theme of play and freedom.

Though the kids’ campaign stands on its own, it also nicely complements the women’s and kids’ Studio collections that it was released alongside, each of which bring a unique cinematic quality to portraits with a strong sense of space.

Zara continues to set itself apart from its high-street competitors through its fruitful ongoing collaboration with Baron & baron and other high-caliber creatives, tapping into the visual language and cinematic storytelling that characterizes luxury fashion. It’s a nice touch that this approach expands even to the kids’ campaign, giving style-minded parents a curated world of cute fashion expression.

Zara Studio Creative Director | Karl Templer
Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Christophe Derigon
Associate Creative Director | Jeremy Kaye
Art Director | Douglas Smith
Photographer | Josh Olins

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression