Zegna Launches “Born in Oasi Zegna” Book During Milan Design Week

New Publication Celebrates Century-Long Legacy with Installation at Zegna Headquarters

During this year’s Milan Design Week, Zegna is introducing “Born in Oasi Zegna,” a book that encapsulates the brand’s enduring connection to its origins in the Biella Alps of Piedmont, northern Italy. This release is accompanied by an immersive installation at Zegna’s Via Savona Headquarters, transforming the space into an exhibit inspired by the natural environment of Oasi Zegna. The book is available for purchase at Zegna stores worldwide and online at zegna.com.

“Born in Oasi Zegna” is described as a timeless document, a playbook, and a visual tale that springs from Zegna’s foundational ethos. It combines images, illustrations, words, and historical snippets in a continuous loop, allowing readers to dive into any page and explore the brand’s philosophy. The book aims to make Zegna’s ethos tangible, emphasizing the synergy between people, the environment, values, and well-being.

Oasi Zegna itself covers an area of 100 km² and represents a century-long commitment to community and environmental stewardship initiated by the founder, Ermenegildo Zegna. In the early 20th century, Zegna started a vast reforestation program around his Wool Mill, which has since grown to include over 500,000 trees, promoting harmony between humans, industry, and nature. This area, essential to Zegna’s identity, continues to be nurtured by successive generations, preserving its status as a model of social and environmental consciousness.

As part of the Milan Design Week festivities, Zegna will officially donate new flowerbeds in Piazza Duomo to the City of Milan on April 19th, symbolizing the beginning of a project to create new Oasi Zegna sites worldwide. This initiative underscores the importance of urban green spaces, biodiversity, and social responsibility, aligning with Oasi Zegna’s core principles.

The installation at Zegna’s headquarters, open to the public from April 16th to April 21st, brings the contents of “Born in Oasi Zegna” to life. Visitors can explore various spaces filled with vegetation from Oasi Zegna, creating a full-circle experience that reflects the ethos described in the book.

Additionally, visitors to the installation will receive a limited-edition Tote Bag featuring exclusive illustrations from the book, available while supplies last. This gesture is part of Zegna’s broader effort to share its rich heritage and commitment to environmental and social values through innovative and engaging formats.

“Born in Oasi Zegna” serves not only as a narrative of Zegna’s past but also as a living document that continues to evolve and inspire, much like the natural oasis that gave rise to the brand’s values and vision.