Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Zimmermann Fall 2021 RTW “In Concert” Collection Ad Campaign by Photographer Benny Horne, Videographer Tom Sandford, and Art Director Gabriele Hackworthy with model Anna Ewers 

Anna Ewers is a Venetian rock-and-roll princess in a new Fall 2021 campaign for Zimmermann. The campaign features photography by Benny Horne, videography by Tom Sandford, and art direction from Gabriele Hackworthy.

Zimmermann’s “In Concert” collection mixes a dose of 70’s psychedelia into the brand’s signature sense of flowy sophistication. This presence can be felt in the high-waisted, flared-leg pants, as well as a dress which is illuminated with an amazing retro pop-art illustration and patterns, and strikes us as the collection’s stand-out piece. A strain of boho-chic à la Stevie Nicks runs through the collection as well.

The campaign imagery follows model Anna Ewers through the plazas and palazzos of Venice. The streets are uncharacteristically empty – a subtle response and reference to the lockdown – but rather than lonely and melancholic, this aspect lends a sense of freedom and romance.

The iconic city’s beautiful architecture becomes Ewers’ co-star, and these two characters draw a lot of personality out of each other. Horne finds a rich visual interplay between the columns, archways, mirrors, and canals of the city, and the patterns and shapes of the collection.

With a smartly chosen talent and location, the campaign does strong work to communicate the presence and character of these gorgeous gowns.

Photographer | Benny Horne 
Video | Tom Sandford 
Art Director | Gabriele Hackworthy 
Model | Anna Ewers 
Stylist | Romy Frydman 
Production | Anna Zantiotis Productions 
Creative | Emil Vrisakis for Smile Agency
Hair | Vi Sapyyapy 
Makeup | Vanessa Bellini 
Casting Director | Anita Bitton for The Establishment
Location | Venice, Italy 

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression