Bergdorf Goodman’s “Magic In The Making” Holiday Kick-Off Party

Melissa Xides, Linda Fargo, Darcy Penick, Yumi Shin, Elle Strauss

On Thursday November 17, 2022, Bergdorf Goodman unveiled its 2022 holiday windows. This year’s theme, “Magic in the Making,” draws back the curtain of luxury, revealing the wondrous craft and rich imagination that goes into creating the items we find truly special.

To kick-off the evening’s festivities, Bergdorf Goodman’s visionary creative team orchestrated a surprise performance by Sing! Harlem, of the Mama Foundation for the Arts. Members of the choir appeared within the windows themselves as they sang a new rendition of Quindon Tarver’s Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) before joining up together outside the venerable luxury emporium. The moving and inspirational song gave way to a window-by-window unveiling viewed by the crowds on Fifth Avenue as Santa held court nearby.

Photographer | Madison McGaw/