Bottega Veneta Partners with Cassina for Milan Design Week Showcase

Bottega Veneta Partners with Cassina for Milan Design Week Showcase

Matthieu Blazy Leads Bottega Veneta in Celebrating Le Corbusier’s Iconic Design with a Modern Twist

During this week’s Milan Design Week, Bottega Veneta is partnering with furniture manufacturer Cassina and Fondation Le Corbusier to present “On the Rocks,” a significant installation at Palazzo San Fedele in Milan. Directed creatively by Matthieu Blazy, the exhibition focuses on the LC14 Tabouret Cabanon, an emblematic piece by Le Corbusier that represents the pinnacle of Cassina’s carpentry expertise.

The LC14 Tabouret was initially created by Le Corbusier for his personal use in his modestly sized cabin on the Côte d’Azur. The design of the stool, both simple and sophisticated, drew inspiration from a wooden whiskey box found by Le Corbusier washed up on the rocks near his cabin. Known for its functional dovetail joints and oblong openings for easy movement, the Tabouret embodies the essence of practical yet elegant design.

Wooden edition of the LC14 Tabouret

For “On the Rocks,” Matthieu Blazy has commissioned custom editions of the LC14 Tabouret, previously featured in the Bottega Veneta Winter 24 fashion show. These include a series of limited-edition pieces showcasing Bottega Veneta’s renowned leatherwork. The wooden editions employ a traditional Japanese charring technique that enhances the wood’s natural defenses and brings out the grain’s unique patterns.

The leather versions of the Tabouret are available in four distinct colors—red, yellow, blue, and raintree green—and are entirely adorned with Bottega Veneta’s Intreccio foulard technique, hand-woven at the brand’s atelier in Montebello. Additionally, a special finishing process applies layers of colored and black paint, which is partially removed to achieve a textured effect, making each piece unique.

The exhibition’s name, “On the Rocks,” is a homage to the stool’s origin story, referencing both the seaside location of Le Corbusier’s cabin and the whiskey box that inspired the Tabouret’s design. An original sample of the whiskey box will also be on display, adding historical context to the presentation.

The installation also features a campaign shot by Pierre Debusschere, with model Anok Yai who expressed her enthusiasm for the project: “It was so inspiring working with Matthieu and Bottega Veneta on this shoot, celebrating such an iconic piece of design,” Yai stated. “The collaborative environment and the versatility of the Tabouret created a real sense of openness and ease, empowering me to be dark, naked and free.”

Bottega Veneta Partners with Cassina for Milan Design Week Showcase

“On the Rocks” is open to the public from April 16 – 20, offering visitors a preview of Palazzo San Fedele, which is set to become Bottega Veneta’s new headquarters in September 2024. This historic site is envisioned as a cultural hub that will host regular artistic events alongside serving as the brand’s administrative center.

This installation marks Matthieu Blazy’s second contribution to Milan Design Week, following last year’s collaboration with Gaetano Pesce in “Viene a Vedere.” It continues Bottega Veneta’s tradition of merging high fashion with iconic design elements, as seen in previous collaborations with Cassina for custom furniture pieces.