Central Saint Martins x 10 Corso Como

Central Saint Martins x 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como has partnered with global powerhouse of creative education, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, to engage a class of young fashion designers of the prestigious MA Fashion course, who will create a capsule collection bearing the 10 Corso Como logo.

Since its foundation in 1991, 10 Corso Como has been promoting creativity, bringing together culture and the latest trends. Regarded as the world’s first concept store, it transformed retail into a fusion of lifestyle and fashion. Over the years, 10 Corso Como’s unique approach to retail attracted many institutions and universities from all over the world to study the key success factors of the brand, analyzing the phenomenon for several case studies, thesis and debates.

This has led 10 Corso Como to develop a collaboration with Central Saint Martins, in order to support emerging talents and innovation in fashion, while celebrating differences – all common values the two entities share.

I am proud to collaborate with Central Saint Martins, an excellence in creative education and the foremost incubator of emerging design talent worldwide. By challenging their students who one day will be shaping the fashion creativity, this project aims to further strengthen our Signature collection with a young, fresh and contemporary touch

– Gianluca Borghi, CEO of 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como and Central Saint Martins have a natural synergy; both are cultural icons who pioneer innovative ideas in the world of Fashion and Design. The collaboration between 10 Corso Como and Central Saint Martins is only surprising because it has not happened sooner. We are looking forward to seeing how the students take inspiration from 10 Corso Como’s heritage and distinctive brand identity to create recognisable but new designs for their Signature collection

– Fabio Piras, Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Course leader

In March, at the school premises in London, forty MA Fashion students were briefed by Gianluca Borghi, who engaged them in the challenge to design a genderless accessories capsule. Students of different countries and cultures were trained to reinvent the 10 Corso Como accessories collection in shapes and colors, as well as to play with the brand’s logo reinterpreting the iconic pattern in a contemporary way and finally create some design propositions on paper.

In mid-April, at an interim review, five finalists will be selected, receiving a prize. They will then continue working on their proposal to culminate in final prototypes. At the beginning of May, a guest jury composed of international industry experts alongside 10 Corso Como President Tiziana Fausti, 10 Corso Como CEO Gianluca Borghi as well as Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Course leader Fabio Piras, will choose the winner whom design will be produced and then sold at 10 Corso Como store network. 10 Corso Como will also offer the new talent the possibility to sign a collaboration agreement with the brand for designing the 10 Corso Como Signature collection.

This partnership is part of the recent strategy by 10 Corso Como, one of the most iconic players in the fashion industry, to focus on its own Signature collection. By building a bridge between the heritage and the future thanks to a long-lasting contemporary approach, 10 Corso Como is off to a start for its upcoming international development plan of the brand.