Coach 'Family' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign & Photos


'Family' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Coach embarks on an expansive new campaign which celebrates family in all its incarnations. The Fall 2020 campaign invites the extended Coach family to reflect on what the word means to them at a time when togetherness seems more important than ever.

The campaign has several components encompassing digital and print platforms. It stars brand ambassadors and Coach family members Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Yang Zi, Jeremy Lin, Kiko Mizuhara, Jack Mizrahi, Richie Shazam, and Julia Fox, as well as their family members. Coach creative teams traveled around the world – stopping in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Tokyo – to capture these families at home. Whether they are sharing a meal, going on a walk together, or just hanging out, Vevers beautifully conveys the organic and loving energy that can only exist in these kinds of relationships.

This print component is accompanied by video interviews on Coach’s social media channels. In some of these, we see the stars speaking directly to the camera as they respond candidly to questions such as, “what does family mean to you?” or, “describe family in three words.” These brief videos are light and fun, while the longer ones which feature family members speaking to each other about similar themes have a touching intimacy.

What feels most important about this campaign is its meaningfully inclusive casting and its celebration of people and families of color. This is not the superficial tokenism we often see, but a vocal and visible celebration of diverse families and communities. We are all different; we all have different families, but what unites us is our ability to become part of a family, to make someone a part of our family. We are thankful to Coach for encouraging us to continue inspiring one another, uplifting one another, loving one another.

Coach Creative Director | Stuart Vevers

For Kiko Mizuhara’s Family
Photographer | Takako Noel
Short Film Director | Gen Yoshida / Yuann
Talent | Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara
Stylist | Masako Ogura
Location | Tokyo, Japan

For Yang Zi’s Family
Photographer | Zhang Meng
Talent | Yang Zi, Ziqing
Stylist | Masako Ogura
Hair |Yaowei Wang
Makeup |Yaowei Wang
Location | Beijing, China

For Jeremy Lin’s Family
Photographer | FanXin
Talent | Jeremy Lin, Joshua Lin, Josh Fan
Hair |Owen Zhang
Makeup |Owen Zhang
Location | Beijing, China

For Michael B. Jordan’s Family
Photographer | Renell Medrano
Talent | Michael B. Jordan, René Spellman, Steelo Brim, Corey Calliet, Vince Bryant, Leo Volcy, Chad Easterling, Bryce Sheldon, Jove Edmond
Stylist | Jason Rembert
Hair | Jove Edmond
Makeup | Carola Gonzalez
Location | Los Angeles, California

For Jennifer Lopez’s Family
Photographer | Ryan Mcginley Studios
Talent | Jennifer Lopez, her mother Guadalupe “Lupe”, and children Max and Emme
Stylist | Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn
Hair | Chris Appleton
Makeup | Scott Barnes
Location | Los Angeles, California