Études X Jean Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection

The Études X Jean-Michel Basquiat capsule marks the second chapter in the brand’s N°20 collection, celebrating its tenth anniversary. After Yves Klein’s new realism, Études honors the Radiant Child of neoexpressionism, weaving a dialogue between a French touch and the American urban scene of the 80s.

Études continues to celebrate the fiery and experimental spirit of its quintessential heroes. If Klein’s vibrant blue reflected the essence of the Spring/Summer season, this new Fall/Winter 2022 capsule recounts fauvist hues and a sense of urgency through twenty-six pieces adorned with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art. Emulating the haptic quality of Basquiat’s creations thanks to various techniques, seventeen artworks are featured.

Basquiat’s self-portrait is either woven or rendered in a vibrant paint-like screen print. Poetic scriptures and portraits of iconic boxers are finely embroidered on technical nylon and wool, evoking drawings made directly onto the garment.

The iconic Pez Dispenser, a chenille patch on a striped cardigan, nods to the artist’s sense of style. Each piece echoes Basquiat’s own silhouette with smart tailored outerwear, relaxed sportswear and statement accessories.

The Études X Jean-Michel Basquiat collection is a spirited tribute to the artist’s iconoclastic and collage-like approach to art and fashion. Once they are put on, the garments bring Basquiat’s creations back to where it all began: the street.

Partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy representing high-profile artists, photographers, designers and creatives.

Photography | Thibaut Grevet Production Division
Stylist | Mauricio Nardi