Fendi FF Series Campaign with Nicki Minaj by Steven Klein


FF Series Campaign with Nicki Minaj by Steven Klein

Dynamic duo! Nicki is all about the bold, and so is Fendi. Grabbing our attention with these confident colors, creative directors Silvia Venturini Fendi, Stephen Gan, and photographer/director Steven Klein give us a mirage of the poolside boombox days.

It’s everything we love about Nicki, and everything we love about Fendi. She speaks to the younger generations as the bold, body confident idol who encourages women to embrace their gorgeous curves. With Nicki, Fendi is bringing us a proud revival in a new collection. The witty banter, the music, and the models all reminisce in this same theme. It welcomes in a new crowd of fashion lovers while still including the trendy colors, fabrics, and patterns of today’s looks. It’s all about the first impression. The eye catching highlights and the shiny silver pants, Fendi is making a statement for the unforgettable. The can’t take your eyes off me attraction that we know so well from Nicki herself.

Putting you in a headspace of youth, beauty, and luxury, the campaign draws in a different audience with the logo patterns, fitted body suits, and casual wear clothes. Nicki Minaj is the perfect feature to celebrate this new trend of clothing. She is fun, exciting, and recognizable. She embodies all the beloved characteristics of Fendi. This iconic heroine reaches the MTV lovers and nostalgic millennials. Nothing demands our attention more than this throwback. Drawing in the younger crowds with these recognizable images, the glamorous and picturesque setting is welcome.

Everyone loves a good comeback, and Fendi gives us one that reminds us of where we were, and embraces what we’ve become.

She plays with feminine codes, but from her point of view, which is that of a very strong, independent, successful woman. She talks about being strong and getting what you want, and I think that it’s kind of liberating for women.

– Silvia Venturini Fendi, Creative Director Fendi
Fendi FF Series Campaign with Nicki Minaj by Steven Klein
Fendi FF Series Campaign with Nicki Minaj by Steven Klein

Fendi Creative Director | Silvia Venturini Fendi
Creative Director | Stephen Gan
Photographer/Director | Steven Klein
Cinematographer | Otto Arsenault
Talent | Nicki Minaj, Tricia Akello, Devin Truss, Isaiah Hamilton
Stylist | Patti Wilson
Hair | Ward Stegerhoek
Makeup | Kabuki
Manicurist | Sreynin Peng
Production | Lola Production
Music | Nicki Minaj, PnB Rock, Murda Beatz