Fendi Roma Amor Spring 2019 Ad Campaign


Roma Amor Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

It’s that time of year when the design houses roll-out their seasonal monogram collection which outside of runways shows, is the one time when one can look at the houses communication efforts comparing apples to apples.

Fortunately for all involved Fendi’s lead creative Silvia Venturini is an apple that didn’t far too far away from the tree of dearly missed designer Karl Lagerfeld, as she was just but five years old when he joined Fendi in 1965 going on to develop the houses FF series. This season Venturini teamed with graffiti artist Pref to add acidic to that apple and pump up the volume distorting the logo with warped lettering and adding shots of neon green, pinks, yellows, and reds.

To bring the ‘Roma Amor’ entitled collection to life, Fendi teamed with rinsing photography stars Suzie Q & Leo Siboni, a.k.a. Suzie & Leo) to capture the collection. Taking cues from the modernism on the FF, the artisans put their own blend of digital on the models providing them with the synthetic resin that makes them as much android as it does influencer.

The result is a campaign of synthesized and synthetic nature that modernizes the house rooted in history. It would appear that apples are in season, all shiny and delicious.

Fendi Creative Director | Silvia Venturini
Photographers | Suzie Q & Leo Siboni
Models | Jean Chang, Zhong Liye
Stylist | Ada Kokosar
Choreographer | Jordan Robson
Production | Michele Dell’Uomo