Filippa K Collaborates With Designer Stina Randestad

Filippa k x Stinarand a Collaboration at the Intersection of Creativity and Circularity

Filippa K launches Filippa K x Stinarand Capsule Collection for the Holidays

Filippa K is collaborating with Stinarand, the studio of acclaimed Swedish designer Stina Randestad, to launch an exclusive collection of six bespoke garments.Each piece is constructed entirely from second-hand Filippa K materials – celebrating the creative potential of circular design. While the project is a natural match of values, it is also a noticeable departure from Filippa K’s typical aesthetic. The capsule range is a representation of the greater movement within fashion that places sustainability at the forefront without compromising on creativity or craftsmanship.   

With an MA from The Swedish School of Textiles, Stina Randestad is an emerging designer recognized for her innovative material combinations and unique techniques. Described as ‘sculptural yet wearable’, her signature aesthetic starts from her almost scientific approach to fabric and textures. Each design exudes a sense of joy and playfulness through unexpected materials, bold colors, and surprising silhouettes. Stina shares her thoughts on the experience:   

I’m very impressed at the level of commitment Filippa K is showing with their sustainability work, as well as their investment in creativity. It’s vital for brands to engage in larger initiatives of course, but also to provide a platform for up-and-coming designers to express their vision. Filippa K has entrusted me with the unique opportunity to freely explore how second-hand garments, samples, and claims can be transformed into something completely different

Each piece was created through a collaborative process between Stina and the Filippa K team at the fashion house’s Stockholm atelier. From their archives of second-hand items, Stina identified pieces with qualities that indicated the potential of new life and used these to inform her creative vision. The resulting collection introduces unexpected textile combinations and techniques that transform the minimal, understated Filippa K garments into expressive statement pieces. Stina continues,

“The project’s outcome is twofold for me – it shows an artistic approach to upcycling, but it also shows an established brand taking a leap of faith, investing in a designer whose aesthetic isn’t perhaps associated with the traditional Scandinavian look. It’s been a dream to use Filippa K garments as the raw materials when creating new ones – it illustrates that when you start with a high-quality foundation, remade pieces can be luxurious and long-lasting.”

Filippa K x Stinarand comprises six garments – three dramatic statement pieces and three wearable pieces – that leverage imperfections to redefine beauty in fashion.