Georgia Pendlebury photography by Adam Katz
Georgia Pendlebury photography by Adam Katz

Georgia Pendlebury


Stylist, Georgia Pendlebury | The Impression 250
The Impression 250 is a hand-selected list of fashion’s leading creatives shaping the global fashion narrative today.

Georgia Pendlebury is a Paris-based stylist with a background in art. Georgia collaborates with some of the Industry’s top clients, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Hermès, Adidas and KNWLS. What sets Georgia apart in her brand collaborations, is her involvement in the creative and design process, allowing for close creative relationships and idea development. She also contributes to publications such as Dazed, The Face and Vogue France. Georgia regularly collaborates with photographers namely Carlijn Jacobs, Charlotte Wales, Harley Weir, Hugo Comte, Jordan Hemingway and Sharna Osborne to name a few.

On July 19th MUD Magazine launched its first volumes of work. The project is an ongoning collaboration between Arnaud Lajeunie and Georgia Pendlebury and published by Art Paper Editions.

Dazed, The Face and Vogue France

Hermès, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Adidas, KNWLS, Moncler, the Attico, Nike


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