Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Graff ‘Graffabulous Chapter IV: Three Graces in Paradise’ 2022 Ad Campaign by Film Director Masha Vasyukova with models Grace Elizabeth, Qun Ye, and Aya Jones

Graff finds paradise with a lush new campaign by director Masha Vasyukova. The fourth chapter of the jeweler’s ongoing ‘Graffabulous’ campaign series led by creative directors Mia Forsgren and Robert Lussier of The Style Council, the campaign bears the enchanting subtitle “Three Graces in Paradise.”

As its title suggests, the campaign follows its three heroines into the lush heart of the natural world. A backdrop of jungle plants and palm trees frames the portraits, which draw the lavish opulence of Graff’s drippingly decadent high jewelry out into a visual rhythm of succulent red, blue, and green jewel tones. Among this setting, the jewelry and styling suggest the bursting flavors of tropical fruits or the rich colors of the animal kingdom: an aesthetic that reinforces Graff’s mastery over extracting nature’s finest treasures.

Creative Directors | Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren
Agency | The Style Council
Videographer | Masha Vasyukova
Models | Grace Elizabeth, Qun Ye and Aya Jones
Stylist | Imruh
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Lynsey Alexander
Print | Carlyjn Jacobs

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