Jean Paul Gaultier x Lotta Volkova

Jean Paul Gaultier x Lotta Volkova

Lotta Volkova Celebrates Jean Paul Gaultier

Throughout this capsule, Lotta Volkova celebrates the Jean Paul Gaultier essentials, such as corseted lingerie, conical breasts, deconstructed tailoring, trompe-l’œil prints, babydoll dresses and lingerie inspired knitwear. She approaches the collaboration from a stylist’s point of view, editing and re-editing the iconic and symbolic pieces of Jean Paul Gaultier’s world.

The iconic velvet Cone Dress of 1984 (worn by the man-muse Tanel Bedrossiantz in 1992) adapts into a mini-dress and top, defining today’s Gaultier look. The essential tennis-striped suit, so prim at first sight, deconstructed with harness-like insertions inspired by S&M and fetish dres- sing. The shocking jacquard couture Naked Dress from Fall/Winter 2004-2005 that has never been produced before is now available in an easy-to-wear jersey. The “Babydoll” spirit – a tribute to the Fall/Winter 2003-2004 show – infiltrates here and there, playing on child-like proportions.

The footwear includes eight-heeled pumps based on the famous “Mille-Pattes” court shoes from the “Les Classiques Gaultier revisités” Spring/Summer 1993 ready-to-wear show reima- gined and 3-d printed.

Discovering Jean Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes presenting their TV show Eurotrash was one of the 1st memories of fashion for me. What struck me was extreme eccentricity, un- compromising vision, wit and never-ending festive celebration of fashion, culture, music and underground cultures that all formed an extraordinary world of Jean Paul Gaultier.It was an in- credible honor to be able to discover the archives, obsess and fetishize – reimagine the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier collections in the context of 2022 reintroducing them into a contemporary wardrobe.” – Lotta Volkova

Campaign captured by Johnny Dufort and with an unconventional set design by Gary Card, the campaign celebrates a new take on camp with an eclectic cast of models. Dancers, artists, and athletes are blurring the lines between surrealism and fantasy while honoring Lotta’s poodle, Dimitri.

Jean Paul Gaultier x Lotta Volkova

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