Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall Collection News 2024

Louis Vuitton Collaborates with Artists Sun Yitian on Pre-fall Collection

A Vibrant Collaboration Between Art and Fashion

Louis Vuitton’s inaugural Voyager Show in Shanghai on April 18 marked a momentous occasion, unveiling an exclusive collaboration with artist Sun Yitian. Renowned for her photorealistic portrayals of everyday objects, Sun Yitian brings her distinctive style to life in a vibrant series that breathes new life into Louis Vuitton’s Prefall collection.

Hailing from Zhejiang, China, Sun Yitian’s artistic journey has taken her to solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries across Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Her work explores the juxtaposition of mass production and artistic value, transcending mundane objects into the realm of galleries and museums. Now, in her first collaboration with a luxury Maison, Sun Yitian’s iconic toy-like animals grace wearable pieces, marrying artistry with savoir-faire.

“The connection between paintings on a canvas and the viewer is somewhat static and silent… However, when my artworks are translated into clothing, bags, or perfumes, they become much closer to people,” shares Sun Yitian. Through meticulous discussions with Louis Vuitton, her whimsical creations come to life as prints and embroidery on ready-to-wear garments, injecting youthful energy into Nicolas Ghesquière’s Prefall silhouettes.

Sun Yitian’s menagerie extends beyond apparel, adorning signature bags in ‘Animogram’ canvas and adding playful accents to shoes and accessories. From the iconic Alma to the Mini Square Trunk, each design tells a story, blending Louis Vuitton’s heritage with Sun Yitian’s artistic flair. Even the fragrance collection receives a playful makeover, with limited editions adorned with precious charms and vibrant packaging designed by the artist herself.

In every form, Sun Yitian’s animals leave an indelible mark on the Louis Vuitton Prefall collection, infusing it with a sense of fun and fantasy that transcends fashion.