Louis Vuitton Unveils Frank Gehry Handbag Collection at Art Basel Miami

Louis Vuitton Unveils Frank Gehry Handbag Collection at Art Basel Miami

Architectural Marvels Transform into Coveted Fashion Accessories in Exclusive Collection

Renowned architect Frank Gehry, at the vibrant age of 94, is extending his creative horizons yet again, this time collaborating with luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton on an exclusive handbag collection. The unveiling is set to take place at the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach, showcasing Gehry’s artistic prowess in a booth that pays homage to his enduring partnership with the esteemed French brand.

The collection, consisting of 11 limited-edition designs, stands as a testament to Gehry’s ability to seamlessly integrate his distinctive architectural style into the realm of fashion. From a reimagined Twisted Box bag, previously introduced in 2014, to the whimsical Capucines BB Croc featuring a crocodile-shaped handle inspired by Gehry’s own London restaurant sculpture, each piece exudes a blend of sophistication and playfulness.

Gehry, celebrated for his groundbreaking projects such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, emphasizes the swiftness of the creative process when translating his sketches into handbags. Unlike the meticulous planning and extensive timelines associated with architectural undertakings, the transition from concept to creation in the realm of fashion is notably quicker, allowing for an immediate evaluation of aesthetic choices.

The collection is categorized into three distinct themes: Architecture & Forms, Material Exploration, and Animals. Reflecting Gehry’s iconic touch, the designs showcase a variety of materials, including Plexiglas, brass, molded leather, and more. Techniques range from cutting-edge 3D screenprinting to aquarelle hand-painting, creating a diverse array of textures and visual appeal.

Among the standout designs is the Capucines BB Analog bag, drawing inspiration from the angled facade of the IAC Building in New York City. Crafted from lambskin molded into sculptural shapes and adorned with a monochrome image reminiscent of the building’s exterior, it exemplifies Gehry’s ability to infuse his creations with elements from his architectural repertoire.

The Capucines BB Shimmer Haze takes a different route, utilizing panels of see-through Plexiglas held together with brass rivets featuring Vuitton’s signature Monogram flower. This design, inspired by a transparent model Gehry crafted for the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, adds an avant-garde touch with its iridescent PVC coating.

With prices ranging from 10,000 euros to 33,000 euros, these handcrafted masterpieces are poised to become sought-after collector’s items. Gehry, ever the visionary, hints at future possibilities, contemplating how the shimmering texture of his New York building could translate into yet another captivating addition to the world of luxury handbags. As long as the creative door remains open, Gehry expresses his willingness to continue exploring these exciting intersections of architecture and fashion with Louis Vuitton.