Marc Jacobs Beauty Line Set for Relaunch

Marc Jacobs Beauty Line Set for Relaunch

In partnership with Coty, the revered fashion designer prepares for the anticipated revival of his cosmetics range

Marc Jacobs is collaborating with Coty to reintroduce his cosmetics line, which unexpectedly ceased operations in 2021, much to the disappointment of its dedicated followers.

This relaunch comes as a result of an extended alliance with Coty, the New York-established beauty conglomerate that has been manufacturing the designer’s fragrances for the past twenty years. The renewed agreement, which is set to continue until at least 2038, will now also encompass cosmetics, with the expectation of the new product lineup reaching the market by 2025.

Our expanded and prolonged collaboration with Marc Jacobs, now celebrating its 20th year, highlights the consistent success of our alliance and the boundless potential of the brand. Owing to renowned lines such as Daisy Marc Jacobs and Perfect Marc Jacobs, the fragrance segment of Marc Jacobs has thrived under our collaboration, ascending into the top 10 female fragrances globally.

– Sue Nabi, Coty’s chief executive

She added, “The global consumer base is eagerly awaiting the resurgence of the Marc Jacobs cosmetic collection, now with Coty’s collaboration. Our recent agreement underscores Coty’s stature as the preferred collaborator for international fashion brands aspiring to craft top-tier beauty collections.”

Back in 2021, Marc Jacobs Beauty began offering discounted prices and reducing inventory as its contract with the LVMH-affiliated Kendo concluded. The beauty brand, originally initiated in 2013 in collaboration with Kendo Brands, quickly gained traction among trendsetting consumers and eminent celebrity makeup professionals before its discontinuation in 2021.

Eric Marechalle, Chief Executive of Marc Jacobs International, commented, “Both Marc and I are delighted to integrate one of Marc Jacobs brand’s most thrilling categories into our longstanding successful partnership with Coty. Our perpetual objective is to actualize Marc’s innovative vision comprehensively, and Beauty remains a pivotal segment to convey this to our clientele.”

Recent product launches under the Marc Jacobs brand, particularly those tapping into the nostalgic essence of 1990s grunge and rave, have resonated strongly with the Gen-Z demographic. For instance, in August, the brand unveiled its maiden beauty collaboration with Bleach London, focusing on hair color products.

The enduring loyalty displayed by the fans of Marc Jacobs Beauty, coupled with their enthusiasm for its revival, is a testament both to Marc’s sustained cultural significance and to the essence of collaborating with a partner that mirrors our core principles. Coty has undeniably emerged as the ideal team to elevate Marc Jacobs Beauty to unprecedented levels.

– Marechalle