Marco Bizzarri investe in Elisabetta Franchi

Marco Bizzarri Ventures into New Territory with Investment in Elisabetta Franchi

Former Gucci Chief Takes Strategic Stake in Rising Italian Fashion Brand

After stepping down from his role at the helm of Gucci in September last year, Marco Bizzarri is charting a new course in the fashion industry. He is marking his return to the business world with a strategic investment in Elisabetta Franchi, signaling a fresh chapter in his unique career. Bizzarri has taken a 23% stake in the Italian fashion house through his personal investment vehicle, Nessifashion, and is set to assume the role of chairman starting April 15.

The move to invest in Elisabetta Franchi is deeply personal for Bizzarri, with Nessifashion drawing its name from a familial term of affection, highlighting the personal legacy and emotional investment Bizzarri places in this new venture. Elisabetta Franchi, known for its luxury apparel and strong presence in international markets, is poised for significant growth. With 78 countries housing its boutiques and a robust performance that boasts a projected €170 million in sales for 2023, Bizzarri’s involvement is expected to usher in an era of expanded global reach and further establishment as a luxury icon.

This new chapter in my professional life will be focused on investments in valuable companies and human resources. It is a great privilege for me to be able to work alongside passionate people with whom I can create profitable synergies.

– Marco Bizzarri

The brand’s management is also undergoing a phase of dynamic evolution, with Gabriele Maggio stepping in as CEO in February to spearhead the label’s ambitious growth plans. Maggio, with a wealth of experience from leading roles across the luxury fashion sector including Stella McCartney, Moschino, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta, is anticipated to bring a fresh strategic direction to Elisabetta Franchi.

The company that Elisabetta has created represents an asset with great expansion potential, both in Europe and internationally. I am proud to join Elisabetta and her team and support them in this next phase of growth .

– Bizzarri

This new chapter in Bizzarri’s career follows his transformative tenure at Gucci, where he was instrumental in tripling the brand’s size and establishing it as a juggernaut in the luxury fashion arena under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele. Despite Gucci’s phenomenal growth, the brand faced challenges in maintaining its rapid expansion, which ultimately led to Michele’s departure and Bizzarri’s exit amid a broader Kering management reshuffle.

As Bizzarri embarks on this new venture with Elisabetta Franchi, the fashion industry watches eagerly to see how his Midas touch will influence the brand’s trajectory and how his strategic vision will navigate the evolving luxury market landscape. With a career that spans across some of the most prestigious names in fashion, Bizzarri’s latest move is not just a business investment, but a testament to his ongoing passion for innovation and excellence in the fashion industry.