Marimekko and Uniqlo will launch a new limited-edition collaboration collection

Marimekko and Uniqlo reunite for a new limited-edition collaboration collection

Finnish design house Marimekko and Uniqlo will launch a new limited-edition collaboration collection in early 2024. The collection combines Marimekko’s art of printmaking with Uniqlo LifeWear of simple and high-quality everyday clothing. The capsule celebrates warm, joyful dressing for a vibrant New Year and will be available in Uniqlo stores and at in all markets from 1 January 2024 onward. The launch date differs from country to country.

“We are excited to reunite with Uniqlo for this new limited-edition collaboration collection that brings together Marimekko’s art of printmaking with Uniqlo’s commitment to create high-quality clothing that is functional and democratic for everyone’s daily lifestyle. Limited-edition brand collaborations with wide global reach increase Marimekko’s international brand awareness and this way support our growth strategy, especially in international markets. We believe that this collaboration is a great opportunity to introduce Marimekko to large new audiences around the world – and to offer customers something fun and surprising,” says Sanna-Kaisa Niikko, Chief Marketing Officer of Marimekko.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Marimekko once again. The latest line combines Uniqlo’s signature simplicity with Marimekko’s beautiful prints inspired by Nordic nature and wildlife. The collection is designed to be enjoyed with family and friends and is perfect for staying warm. I hope everyone can enjoy this special collection available for a limited time only,” comments Yukihiro Katsuta, Head of Research & Development, Uniqlo.

The limited-edition collection offers head-to-toe warmth with Uniqlo’s winter signatures featuring Marimekko’s world-renowned prints: Kivet, Kissapöllö, and Seireeni by Maija Isola, along with Hattara by Pentti Rinta. Each pattern, inspired by Nordic nature, echoes a serene winter landscape in pearl grays, muted gold, and timeless black.