MMW x NIKE YOGA Unveils New Collection

Matthew M. Williams collaborates with Nike to redefine yoga apparel with style and innovation

Fashion visionary Matthew M. Williams debuts a transformative collaboration with Nike, introducing the MMW NIKE YOGA collection, blending his urban lifestyle influences with cutting-edge innovation.

The collection, curated for both on and off the mat, offers performance-focused apparel designed to empower practitioners to reach their full potential through discipline and progress. Meanwhile, off-the-mat pieces seamlessly transition from studio to street, ensuring warmth and comfort pre- and post-practice.

Unveiling an array of unisex and gender-specific items, the collection includes essential pieces such as light puffer jackets, fleece pants, and full-zip hoodies. For women, a selection of bras, soft fleece pants, leggings, jumpsuits, and underwear celebrate the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Meanwhile, the men’s line features boxer briefs, 3-in-1 shorts designed for optimal activity, and versatile accessories like The Club Cap.

This collaboration marks the third installment of MMW’s partnership with Nike, delivering premium comfort and performance to both novice and experienced practitioners alike. The collection is set to launch on Thursday, March 21st at 1 pm EST, inviting enthusiasts to elevate their yoga experience with style and sophistication.