Moncler Launches 'Poldo Dog Couture' Collection

Moncler Launches ‘Poldo Dog Couture’ Collection

Poldo Dog Couture extends Moncler’s world of performance and protection to accessories for your four legged friends.

Poldo Dog Couture, a Milan based team who have specialized in refined clothing for dogs since 2016, extends Moncler’s world of performance and protection to a new luxury collection for our four-legged friends. The collection, which features clothing and accessories, embodies the love for man’s best friend. Only refined materials are used, guaranteeing absolute comfort for man’s best friend.

To kick-off the collection, which serendipitiously is being released at the same time as Amazon’s newest relatity show The Pack, Moncler has released a brief film showcasing space-aged dog groomers.

Moncler Launches 'Poldo Dog Couture' Collection

The collection features the classic duvet dog vest in a mixed pack of colors, including forest green and crimson red, all constructed in Moncler’s signature nylon laqué. This season, a reflective jacket with 100% silver film is incorporated into a nylon jersey mesh to give a space-age feel with a crinkled and ultra-lightweight finish. Miniature versions of the Bady and Badymore jackets are carefully restructured for dogs to create the Mondog Vest in an all-terrain print, the ultimate statement of twinning the canine way. The foldable rainproof cape in emerald green, bright yellow, or proud orange is meant to be worn alone or over the dawn vest. Collars and leashes in French flag tricolor and tan tone leather trim complete the selection. The size range runs from small breed to larger dogs.

And with matching looks moncler is taking man’s best friend to new levels.