Moschino Teams with Palace For Capsule Collection

The Palace Moschino Collaboration Transcends Fashion Tropes, Leading To New Exposure And Consumers For Both Brands

Seminal skate brand Palace collides with Italian luxury house Moschino to bring you Palace Moschino. They seamlessly blend Moschiono’s fashion iconoclasm with Palace’s iconic streetwear aesthetic to create a limited collection of Ready-To-Wear, Accessories and Skate Hardware.

David Sims’ photography and film work introduce the collaboration of the brands with humor, sex, and moderate chaos. His captivating short video moves back and forth between advertising tropes typical to each echelon of fashion. More than just that, Sims manages to include elements of both in each sequence. Take the first moment as an example: a brightly dressed and helmeted vespa rider doing a wheelie down the road. Here Sims uses the undeniably Italian bike in a stunt that would appeal to skater. Not too long after this first scene, we switch to a classic, sexy black and white luxury fashion photo shoot. The music choices also reflect this attempt to blend the two brands, moving back and forth between contemporary experimental music and elegant classical piece which sometimes combine into a surprisingly coherent third piece–a perfect metaphor for the blending of the two seemingly disparate brands.

Leaders of both brands commented on the collaboration: “Moschino is one of our favourite brands of all time: chic, sexy, innovative and properly funny. Working with them has been a full-blown dream scenario for us and we are still buzzing on it,” said Palace. Similarly, Jermey Scott of Moschino explained, “I was happy to collaborate with my long-time pals at Palace to create this collection full of peace, love and hugs.” Likley said with a wink to the ‘Hug Me’ jackets.

Both brands are excited to participate in this collaboration, and both are getting something out of it from a business perspective. Palace is stepping into a luxury market–who would have thought a London skateboarding company would be advertising and selling luxury clothes made 100% in Italy? Moschino, on the other hand, is broadening their consumer base with this move. A collaboration with a popular and authentic streetwear brand might be among the best ways for a luxury fashion house to reach a new audience.

Photographer | David Sims