Crocs x MOPAQ news 2023

Museum of Peace and Quiet partners with Crocs

MoPQ & Crocs Collaborate, Tranquility Meets Innovation in Footwear Fusion

The Museum of Peace and Quiet (MoPQ) eagerly presents a fresh collaboration with the globally renowned footwear brand Crocs, merging tranquility with innovation.

Crafted with adaptability in focus, the Museum of Peace and Quiet x Crocs venture introduces a fusion of the Crocs Classic Clog silhouette and MoPQ’s serene minimalism. Embracing a fall-inspired color palette, the collaboration offers Ginger and Olive hues, each exclusive to this partnership. These acetate iterations diverge from Crocs’ traditional style, imbuing a sense of natural calm.

Co-founders of the Museum of Peace and Quiet, Christion and Ashley Lennon, express their enthusiasm for this distinctive collaboration. “Creating a collection that truly complements both brands was our priority. We admire Crocs immensely, and this collaboration is incredibly exciting for us.”

Priced at $80 per pair, the collection launches on December 1st via and