Neiman Marcus Awards 2024 Geoffroy van Raemdonck, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Daniel Roseberry, Lana Todorovich, Ryan Ross
Geoffroy van Raemdonck, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Daniel Roseberry, Lana Todorovich, Ryan Ross

Neiman Marcus Awards 2024

Fashion’s Leading Retail Award – Celebrates its Honorees During Paris Fashion Week

The Neiman Marcus Group recently hosted its second Neiman Marcus Awards since the event’s makeover, celebrating the 2024 winners at the prestigious Ritz Paris. This exclusive gathering brought together prominent figures from the global fashion scene, setting the stage for a year of unique customer experiences in collaboration with the award recipients. Leveraging Neiman Marcus’ expertise in merchandising and marketing, the awards aim to provide top-tier luxury experiences for customers while boosting the business profiles of the honorees. The impact of the awards is notable, with last year’s winners seeing significant sales growth.

Geoffroy van Raemdonck, CEO of NMG, underscored the significance of the awards in Neiman Marcus’ history, emphasizing their role in fostering connections between creative talents and the luxury market in the United States. “With a program history that spans over eight decades, the Neiman Marcus Awards are proof of our unparalleled legacy of building brands and connecting global creative visionaries with the American luxury customer. As we look forward to the customer activations with this year’s Award recipients, we will continue to push the boundaries of our integrated retail approach and deliver on our promise to Revolutionize Luxury Experiences,” van Raemdonck stated. He promised that the upcoming customer engagements with this year’s winners would further revolutionize luxury experiences.

This year’s ceremony honored Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior for her distinguished service in fashion, Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli for his creative impact, and Simon Porte Jacquemus of Jacquemus for innovation. These designers join a prestigious list of fashion innovators recognized by the awards since its inception by Stanley Marcus and Carrie Marcus Neiman in 1938.

“I’m very moved to receive the Neiman Marcus Award. This important Award was given to Monsieur Dior in occasion of his first fashion show. And today, after 70 years, I am also being awarded the same recognition. And the same Award was also given to great designers whom I admire greatly. Furthermore, it is also a reflection on my time at Dior. My desire has always been to be in dialogue and conversation with the work of Monsieur Dior through the archives and the history of Dior. I would like to truly thank all of the people who have enabled me to receive this Award, because fashion is a great community and so this Award is to be shared with all of these people,” said Chiuri.

Reacting to her award, Chiuri shared her deep connection to the honor, reflecting on its significance to both her and the legacy of Monsieur Dior. Roseberry celebrated the dream-like quality of Neiman Marcus and its role in his creative journey, while Jacquemus viewed the award as affirmation of his path and an invitation to the American market.

“If you know anything about Dallas, you know that Neiman Marcus is the ultimate beacon of that fantasy world. And by extension, Neiman’s gave me the ultimate invitation to dream, and to dare to be a part of it. And maybe one day, in some small way, help create its future. I’m so grateful to Geoffroy and to Lana for honoring me with this Award, and to Neiman Marcus for being the institution that it is – for giving so many of us permission to dream big,” said Roseberry.

“With this [Award] in my hands, I feel that I am going on the right way. Thank you, Neiman Marcus. It has meant a lot to me, and I take it as a beautiful invitation to America as well,” said Jacquemus.

The awards not only spotlighted individual achievements but also served as a meeting point for the next generation of fashion’s elite and industry stalwarts, including Leonardo Ferragamo, Albert Kriemler, and other notable attendees, alongside top Neiman Marcus clients.

In addition, Neiman Marcus announced an expansion of its partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund, aiming to mentor the next wave of luxury industry leaders. This initiative underscores the Neiman Marcus Awards’ broader goal of enriching the luxury landscape and enhancing customer experiences, solidifying Neiman Marcus’ commitment to making life extraordinary for its clientele and supporting the growth of brand partners.